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Your Personal to-do list of 4 days in Dubai

Almost all the people in the world love to travel different countries and places. Generally people prefer hill stations and places with cool breeze. Nobody likes to go for a tour in a desert except it is Dubai. Tourists can visit Dubai by taking Dubai Visit Visa. The reason people love to visit Dubai is its modern infrastructure and engineering marvels. All of these infrastructures are world famous tourist spots of Dubai, visiting this places in 4 days will be worth. Some of them are mentioned below:

BurjKhalifa: BurjKhalifa is the tallest building of the world with the height of 829.8 metre. This well-known edifice is considered as the best tourist spot of Dubai. It has 163 floors and it also has an observation centre on its 124th floor. From the observation centre a tourist can have the amazing 360 degree view of Dubai City. All the tour packages include a visit to BurjKhalifa in their top viewing places. Behind it there is a beautiful garden and the Dubai fountain which primarily famous for its luminous lights in its background. There are end number of travelers visit this known building from across the world.

Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab is known to be the tallest hotel with the height of 321 metre. It is built on an artificial island. This hotel is visited by people to see the mesmerizing light shows. The hotel also holds the title of one of the most expensive hotel in the world.

Dubai Aquarium: The Dubai Aquarium is best known for its 140 species of aquatic animals which are rarely seen by the tourists. The arrangement of this place is famous among the tourists. It also has underwater zoo tourists can enter the zoo and it is surrounded by glass shields in which aquatic animals can be seen. There are also lot of people who are interested in marine life can visit this beautiful place and enjoy their visit.

Sheikh Zayed Road: This road is considered to be the back bone of Dubai City. It is an eight lane highway. There are marvelous glass and concrete architectures on the road side. At the intersection there is a Dubai Art Gallery, it is an art exhibition of Dubai Artists.

Jumeirah Beach: It is called as the most famous beach of Dubai. The Jumeriah Beach authorities also host aqua sports for tourist attractions. It has the hotels alongside the riverfront where the delicious delicacies are served to the customers.

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