Dubai Tourist Visa Incorrect Name and Gender

What to Do If Dubai Tourist Visa Has Incorrect Name and Gender

Dubai is the ultimate shopper’s paradise, which is also the perfect amalgamation of charismatic nature and flamboyant man-made architectures. If you are looking forward to visiting the most interesting and popular emirates, the first activity you must consider is to apply for the  Dubai tourist visa. This is one of the best options if you are keen to visit the country for tourism yet want to stay for an extended period. Have you ever thought of the consequences if your name or gender in the visa mismatches with the one mentioned in the passport?

The thought of misspelled first or second name along with the gender is horrifying as it has the potential to invite the unmatched troubles. You must have realized that the discrepancies in the name and gender may give you a tough time after arriving at the country or while boarding the plane. Therefore, it is important to know about the consequences to avoid the sudden restrictions at the airport.

Wrong Name or Gender on Dubai Visit Visa

Visiting Dubai is an exciting prospect due to the unmatched opportunities for sightseeing and thrilling activities. However, it is important to keep all the documents handy to avoid unnecessary harassment. In case you discovered misspelled first or the last name along with the gender, it may cause severe concerns when boarding the flight or entering the country.

If you have applied for a Dubai visa online, you may approach the agency responsible for your visa. Since the embassy needs to enter your name and other details in the form in English and Arabic, it is not unusual to wrongly type the name or/and gender. The immigration officer solves these concerns at the airport and your fate depends on them. The officials usually grant the misspelled first or the last name, but the gender error may cause a problem. The immigration department matches the Arabic name in the form and rechecks it with the English name mentioned in your passport. Also, the officer checks the passport number mentioned on the visa along with ok to board information. If these match, you will not encounter any trouble to enter the country.

Arabic people working in the embassy pronounce the Indian names in a different accent, which is the root of the error. Also, the photographs with a short haircut in the females may be deceptive, leading to the error in gender. Hence, it is crucial to apply for the visa well before the travel date to avoid unnecessary hassle caused due to the visa correction.

Why does the Visa Show Wrong Information Despite you Giving Correct Data?

The information available with the embassy may be incorrect, which needs immediate correction. Whether you have applied for the online visa or have filled up a form before submitting it to the embassy, a spelling mistake is a general error. If you have ample time before commencing the journey, you must rectify the details, regardless of the details mentioned in the Arabic language. People have experienced different concerns when the details of the visa were incorrect. Therefore, pack your bags to enjoy the journey by correcting the pieces of misinformation.

How to Rectify the Information

If you have applied for the visa through a tour agent, contact the representative to revise the errors. Also, if you have submitted the form, you may ask the embassy to give you another form that will contain your personal information. This will help them identify the errors and revise the information immediately.

Avoiding the Problem

People working at the UAE immigration may encounter with difficulty while pronouncing and typing the Indian names while issuing the visa. In fact, they also face difficulty in identifying the gender from the names as the haircut and styles of male and female have merged in the modern era. Therefore, it is important to re-check with the embassy whether or not they have understood your information.

Though you leave no stones unturned to make the upcoming tour smooth and error-free, the problems in the Dubai visa are inevitable. The embassy demands a passport that has more than 6 month’s validity to fulfill the visa application criteria. Therefore, if you are applying for 90 days single entry Dubai visa, you will need to have a strong passport. If the UAE immigration department succeeds in matching the name in Arabic and passport number with your visa, you may rest assured.

Commence the Journey with Peace of Mind & Correct Documents

Anxiety and restlessness are not good for a tour. To ensure a peace of mind and have flawless documents, it is important to correct the details with no exception. This will not only allow you to make the most of your tour but will also avoid unnecessary hassle after landing in a foreign country

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