Dubai visa on arrival with us visa

UAE Offering Visas to Indians with US Visas on Arrival

The UAE is known as the most desired international destinations for Indian travelers, with more than a million jamming the nation every year for its marvelous architectures, serene beaches, stunning fireworks and shopping avenues on the New Year’s Eve.

The awesome news is the UAE cabinet has declared that the Indians US visa holders are eligible to get a UAE visa on the arrival to the nation. This tourist visa is valid for only 14 days and allows a single extension at an extra cost.

If an Indian wants to qualify this scheme, he/she needs to carry a US visa or Green Card issued by the USA which is valid for at least 6 months. And this tourist visa can be extended just for one time.

According to a report by a state agency, this decision was made in order to boost the political, economic, tourism and trade connections between India and the UAE.
The bilateral business between these 2 nations needs to be increased and with that purpose, this particular decision was taken. The trade stands between these 2 countries at 60 billion dollar yearly (according to the 2014 analysis) but it is projected for reaching almost 100 billion dollars by 2020.

During the visit of Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, in 2015, these two nations also declared a 75 billion dollar joint infrastructure fund which would invest in the infrastructure development of India. Here we must mention that UAE is the 5th biggest oil supplier in India.

In terms of tourism trade, last year, the tourism agencies of Dubai welcomed almost 1.6 million Indians, making the nation the largest source market of the emirate for the first time. And this represented a growth of 26% every year.

Last year, for Abu Dhabi also, India developed as the biggest overseas market for tourism, with the visitor numbers increasing up to 15%.
India has been popular for being a developing outbound tourism market, with the UNWTO anticipating 50 million Indians will travel abroad yearly by 2020.

This new rule increased Indian tourists, with Dubai seeing a considerable rise in Russian and Chinese arrivals in the first 2 months of the year after both countries’ passport holders were approved visa on the arrival.

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