Single Entry Dubai Visa Vs Multiple Entry

Single Entry Dubai Visa Vs Multiple Entry

Most of the times the visitors get confused which type of visa to apply for, in order to visit the most mesmerizing tourist destination the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to end all your confusions here is the complete detail version at your service.


Single Entry Dubai Visa  long Term Vist single Entry

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) occasionally simply called the Emirates offers single entry visa, or multiple entry visas to the visitors. This amazing country is a federation of 7 emirates that offers amazing tourist destinations and business opportunities.

The luxurious hotels, cultural hotspots, skyscrapers, Mind blowing beaches, the tallest tower in the world, posh city sized shopping malls, palm- shaped Islands, parks modern buildings and museums of Dubai makes this place an ultimate tourist destination.

To attract millions of visitors, a glittering destination UAE offer entry visas Single Entry Dubai Visa and multiple entry visa. Both kinds of visas help visitors to stay in this amazing country for an optimum period and enjoy the real essence of life!

Those who wish to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must possess a visit visa entry permit. This entry permit allows a holder to enter the nation within the given period and if he or she fails to enter into the UAE within this period then a new visit visa application needs to be submitted by the applicant. Majorly, there are two types of visa Single Entry Permit and Multiple Entry Permit.

As the name specifies Single Entry visa is meant merely for Single Entry to UAE within the time frame allotted. The holder of this visa cannot enter the country multiple times. In the same way, the holder of the multiple entry Dubai visa as the name sounds is allowed to enter and leave Dubai multiple times however, once the visa duration is complete no entry to Dubai is possible.

Let us see this perspective in the broader sense, if the visitor enters Dubai or any other country of UAE with a single entry visit visa and stay for the duration of the Visa. And, once he or she leaves Dubai, that is the end of single entry visit visa, the holder of the visa cannot re-enter the country. Whereas in multiple entry visas it is not the case, the holder of multiple entry visa is allowed to enter the country and leave it a number of times but once the duration of the visa is complete no entry to same country is possible.

Single Entry Dubai Visa can be used only once and Multiple Entry Dubai Visa can be used multiple times. You may apply for Online Dubai visa easily, we can help you with the further details and our expert assistance team is always there to help you! If you need any assistance get in touch with us today!
For Multiple Entry Long term Visa the validity is 58 days from the date of issue (DOI). From the date of first entry into the UAE, the duration of stay is limited to 90 days. Multiple Entry short term visa is also available that offers validity for 58 days from the date of issue. From the date of first entry to this magnificent country, the duration of stay is limited to 30 days.

On the other hand, Single Entry Long term Visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue. And, from the date of entry into the nation, the duration of stay is 90 days. Normally, the processing time for these kinds of visas or permits is around 3-4 working days. Kindly note the days may differ depending upon your case.
Once multiple entry visas are issued, it cannot be cancelled. As an applicant one has to wait till the expiry of the visa validity. As specified earlier, from the date of issue, the validity of the visa is 58 days and a holder can stay for 30 Days from the first entry in the country.

An Indian Citizen looking to travel to Dubai for the purpose of meeting friends or Family, Tourism or Business can apply for Dubai visa online for Indians- Single Entry Visa and Multiple entry visas.

In both Single Entry Visa and Multiple entry visas, it is requisite to pay a refundable security deposit for residents of some nations. And, the same will be refunded to the visitor at the time of their exit from the country.

Businessmen, Cruise tourists, Diplomatic and United Nations passport holders and property investors are eligible for multiple entry visit visa due to their nature of visit. Whereas, tourist are eligible for Single Entry Visa and for the same reason these Single Entry Permits or visas are also known as Tourist visit visas.
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