Dubai Return Ticket On Tourist Visa

Should You Have A Return Ticket On Tourist Visa In UAE?

Are you confused regarding the condition of whether or not to have a return ticket while entering the UAE for the first ever time on a tourist visa? Suppose you have an Australian visa and you know that Australians can enter free of cost with no visa applications for a Dubai 30 days visa.

In case you get in touch with the UAE Embassy or check any website that helps you get your Dubai visa, you will come to know that a return ticket on a tourist visa is a must have in the UAE. And if you don’t have it, you will visit the country at your own risk. So, you should be capable of showing a return ticket.

You should not take a risk of purchasing a one-way ticket. Dubai visa online for Indian people and other individuals from different countries will be issued only if the return tickets are attached to their visa application. According to different travel agents, the UAE has launched and enforced a new rule, making a return ticket compulsory for all applications looking for a tourist visa for Indians. This new law enforced by the Naturalization and Residency Department asking companies and people, who wish to have a tourist visa, to submit the copy of a return ticket to the department.

Nevertheless, the advance purchase of return ticket was mandatory to get a visit visa to the UAE and a copy of the trip document needed to be attached to their visa application form, according to the official sources. Over the last few days, individuals have been asking for the tour certificates confirming their air ticket bookings, according to a travel firm. Some people have asked for a printed booking for being displayed to authorities while applying for a tourist visa for their family members. The companies were referring to a front-page report by the Akhtar Al Arab newspaper quoting official sources of the Naturalization and Residency Department as saying that the advance purchase of the return ticket is a must to get a tourist visa to the UAE and a travel document’s copy should be attached to the application form submitted to the department as well.

According to the travel firms, they came to know regarding this new law while clients from various nations, particularly Filipinos and Indians, asked to return tickets for being issued for that particular reason. It has also been seen that some clients asked for just a print-out of their air ticket booking, whereas others purchased the tickets instantly, after mentioning it was implied for their application of tourist visa. The travel companies are well aware of this new law as different clients have already asked for the company for issuing a travel certificate. And we, at Online Dubai Visa, are also well aware of the similar matter.

Corporate clients purchase tickets instantly as they are certain about that they will receive the visit visa and their money is not going to be wasted. A few of them ask for a tour certificate that is an announcement by a tour company confirming the booking. But some tour companies issue the travel certificated to the corporate customers who are known to them.

Nevertheless, there are some tour companies that expressed doubts over the efficiency of the analysis saying they can simply be bypassed. Additionally, it’s not clear whether the printout of just the booking will be sufficient proof. A tour company is able to print a ticket for a client and let him have a copy prior to selling it; hence, the rule must not be really very effective.

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