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Know the Proper Rules to Avoid Overstaying Penalties with Dubai Tourist Visa

There are many persons who have no proper information regarding rules and regulations of staying in Dubai and what penalties can be charged to them for overstaying in Dubai. Prior to starting with the latest overstay rules, remember that there are two kinds of people who encounter the overstay problems:

1. Tourist/Visit visa holders
2. Residence/Employment Visa holders.

Thousands of people come to Dubai on Tourist or Visit visa. Because of unknown reasons a few of them can’t return timely to their home nations. Maximum of them look for employment visa or wait for a reply from their new sponsors while binding themselves into an illegal stay or overstay in Dubai.
There are hundreds of people who live legally on Residence or Employment visa in Dubai but because of cancellation or any other reason like collecting gratuity, new employment visa or pending payments, they also enter their names in the overstay people’s list in Dubai.

Overstay rules for Tourist/Visit visa holders

If you have come to Dubai on a Tourist/Visit visa and overstays because of financial, family or any other problem, you will require paying fines for every extra day you stay. For overstaying in any part of Dubai, you will be charged with a certain fee for being paid at the immigration offices within the state area or at the airport while exiting the nation.

What to do if you are a Visit visa holder and get a job but overstay for a new visa?
First, remember that working on a Tourist/Visit visa is not legal in Dubai. If you are a Visit visa holder and get an employment offer, you should change the visa status from Visit to employment.

If you have got an offer letter for signing and the employment procedure has been started but unfortunately because of some unexpected causes you haven’t exit the nation or haven’t change your visa sponsor within the mentioned time span or date on your visa, the fine for the first day will be 200AED and then you will be fined 100AED further for every additional day.

Hence, we would recommend you to leave the nation ASAP if the sponsor can’t offer you an employment visa prior to your Tourist/Visit visa’s expiration.
What if your sponsor is delaying the visa procedure?

If it anyhow happens, we would like to recommend you to leave the nation since your prospective sponsor is not able to offer you a visa within a considerable period. By leaving the country, you can avoid the payment of any overstay fine. You can return to Dubai once your sponsor has secured a new visa for you.

Ban on overstay

Dubai visitors, tourists or residents who have finished their legal stay but overstay and considerably exceed the grace time period, by a further one month or more, could find that they have additional penalties and problems to encounter with their names that will be added to the immigration blacklist.
Is it possible for a blacklisted person entering Dubai again?

If a person stays illegally or exceeds the grace period of staying, it could stop you from entering Dubai again later.
What are other problems encountered by a person for overstaying in Dubai?

In case a person lives more than the grace time span that is 30 days or more than that, he or she can encounter the penalties mentioned below:

• He or she may encounter the immigration ban.
• His or her name will be entered in the list of blacklisted persons.
• He or she may be issued a deportation order by the Authorities.
• He or she can experience jail terms up to three months.

Concluding text

If you do not want to face jail terms and an immigration ban, you need to avoid overstaying in Dubai. People who overstay in Dubai can encounter a lot of problems and need to be aware of all the aforementioned consequences as well. If someone you know is overstaying in Dubai and you want to safeguard him or her, convey this message to him or her. And if you have any other query regarding the mentioned matter, feel free to ask us by commenting on the mentioned section below.

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