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All You Need to Know About Online Dubai Visa

Dubai, the land of Emirates, is the best destination for your family members to enjoy the magnificence of the man-made architectures, beaches, and islands while enjoying the beauty of the wide blue ocean. Whether you want to visit Dubai to explore the most lavish hotels and constructions in the world or to enjoy the original essence of the area, you must get the basics sorted. Even before you pack your bags to head for Dubai, it is crucial to have your Dubai visa for Indians to avoid unnecessary hassle, which may also lead to the concatenation of your plan.

About Dubai Tourist Visa

To simply put, a visa is a permission granted to you on behalf of the country you want to visit. This will give you a peace of mind while mobilizing the comprehensive procedure to commence the tour. There are different visas for tourists and residents, which can be availed based on the requirements. If you visit your relative, it is not suggested to go for a short-term visa, which will need renewal. Also, if you are going on training for 6 months, you must not opt for a tourist visa. This will not only save a huge amount of money but will also confirm you get a hassle-free tour.
Visa is segregated into two parts; single entry and multiple entries. Let us look at the different visas available:
Single Entry Visas

•    Dubai 96-hours visa- This visa is appropriate for short business trips or emergency visits.

•    Dubai 14-days visa This is a non-extendable visa and is chosen by most of the tourists to fulfill the purpose of vacation.

•   Dubai 30-days visa It is valid for 58 days from the date of issue and is a non-extendable option. This is also a great option for vacations.

•    Dubai 90-days visa This is the best type of visa if you are going to visit a friend or family or on a business trip.

•    Multi-entry Dubai long-term visa- This is valid for 58 days from the date of issue and this allows you to travel to Dubai within 30 days with an added option multiple times.

•    Multi-entry Dubai short-term visa- This visa is valid for the period of 90 days and allows to enter the country multiple times.

How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

Applying for a tourist visa is as easy as emailing. With the advancement of the technology and elevating demands of the people, the application of visa has become online. Now, you can apply for your desired visa from an online platform by filling in the details and sending an email of your relevant documents. Now, you can either choose an express visa or a normal one, depending on your purpose to visit and time left before commencing the journey. The express visa takes 2-3 working days to arrive while the normal visa takes 5-7 days. The former is costlier than the latter but proves to be beneficial if you want to meet an emergency.

Making the Most from the Dubai Visa

Whether you take a 14-day Dubai visa or Dubai 30 days visa, ensure to get it from a renowned tour company. In fact, if you want to visit Dubai to travel, you must connect to a tour company to avoid the hassle of acquiring the visa and complete the formalities of Ok to Board, which is one of the most crucial activities to visit a foreign land. Select an appropriate visa from the aforementioned list to make the most from your money so you enjoy the tour without worrying about the hassle in the immigration.

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