Dubai Tourist Visa To Employment Visa

Is It Possible To Convert Dubai Tourist Visa To Employment Visa?

Dubai is one of the most alluring places in the world that never ceases to amaze you with the splendid architecture and picturesque destinations. If you are planning to visit Dubai for the next tour, you must be ready with your ticket and hotel reservations. Have you applied for the Dubai visa online yet? If not, we will be delighted to offer you the most appropriate visa not only to save a huge portion of the money but also to give you a peaceful tour regardless of your tenure of stay. Have you ever thought to stay in Dubai and embrace the aesthetics every day? Will you be able to take up an employment opportunity anytime you want? Through this article, we will find the same.

Importance of Dubai Visa Online for Travel & Employment

Having a proper visa is crucial for any person who is looking forward to visiting a foreign country. If you went to Dubai for the purpose of tourism and came across a magnificent job opportunity, it is important to take up the challenge to boost your career graph. Apart from successfully crossing the hurdle of the management in the form of an interview, it is important to ensure your legal stay in the country. In that case, you must not forget to change the status of your visa to employment in order to ensure a legalized stay. How to proceed with the transformation of status? In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of converting the tourist visa into an employment visa and the rules related to it.

Can you Work in Dubai on a Tourist Visa?

It is impossible to work in any country with a tourist visa. Without the presence of a proper employment visa, you are not authorized to work in a country. However, you can attend a conference, meeting, seminar, training, and other temporary tasks while on a tourist visa. The challenge is to work in an organization that is based in Dubai with a proper visa. As per the latest rules released, it is not mandatory to leave the country in order to update the status of your visa. On the other hand, it is crucial to get associated with an employer that will sponsor your visa during your period of employment. In fact, introducing the online visa has simplified the complex activities related to the visa application.

How to Get an Employment Visa?

Employment visa is a crucial part of the service if you are looking forward to working in Dubai. There are two ways of getting your hands on an employment visa. One is by approaching your employer and another is to establish a business. In the case of the former, once you get selected by the employer and the management offers you a job with a proper appointment letter, regardless of the industry, it will offer you an employment visa. This will allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted employment without having to worry about the legal woes. On the other hand, if you succeed in establishing a new business, either professional or trading, you will be entitled to get an investor or partner visa. This is equivalent to the employment visa and will ensure your legalized stay in the country, without any exception.
There is another scenario, through which you can get your employment visa, is the conversion of the Dubai tourist visa from Delhi to an employment visa. Though 90-days tourist visa can’t be converted to an employment visa, other visit visas can be converted to an employment visa. If an employer asks you to visit Dubai for the interview, you may opt for a tourist visa. After the confirmation of the job, you may ask your employer to issue the relevant visa for you to continue with the opportunity.

Wrapping up the Discussion

If you are in confusion over whether or not you will be able to convert a visit visa to an employment visa, knock on our door to get a peace of mind. Not only we provide the visit visa to you but also offer unmatched assistance in case you want to stay in the country for the employment purpose. Hand us over your worries and let us deliver you a significant solution that will ensure you a legalized stay in the country without any hassle.

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