Is A Marriage Certificate Required For Dubai Tourist Visa

Is A Marriage Certificate Required For Dubai Tourist Visa For Couples?

In UAE, Dubai is the seventh city. It’s an appealing tourist place full of scenic beauty sky scraping establishments and riches. Dubai is enriched with glamorous city lifestyle and culture. It is beyond just an independent city-state which is the most advanced and modern Emirate in UAE. This is a dreamland for many people; however, it’s significantly a desert city with amazing infrastructure and more flexible policies which attract many travelers into the place for its delicate amenities.

Dubai has become a popular tourist place and has more than 6 billion travelers till now and counting more. Each traveler should carry a visit visa while arriving in Dubai. A visit visa is mandatory for every traveler who comes to Dubai for different rejuvenation and relaxation. The visit visa holder will need to leave the city after thirty or ninety days of visit to the nation. You can get Dubai 30 days visa (short-term) or Dubai 90 days visa (long-term) to explore the city-state. Not like the other, an individual may or may not leave the nation and can change the visa to residence or employment visa.

There are many online Dubai visa services companies that can help you get your visa as early as possible. In case you want to live in the nation for over 14 days or arriving for a family or business visit can apply for tourist visas. A tourist visa cannot be renewed. Other than the fees of the visa, anybody arriving in Dubai must have a sponsor or relative that will be refunded after the visa holder leave the nation or a deposit by a local resident. There are a countless number of services that can get a Dubai visa for Indians quickly.

Kinds of tourist visas in Dubai

1. Short-term tourist visa (30 days)

•    Cannot be renewed and valid for 30 days from the arrival date.
•    Cannot be renewed and valid for 30 days from the issuing date.

2. Long-term tourist visa (90 days)

•    Cannot be renewed and valid for 90 days from the arrival date.
•    Cannot be renewed and valid for 60 days from the issuing date.

Preparations for the Dubai tourist visa

Duration of visit, purpose, and nationality, all should be pondered while applying for an online Dubai visa. The visas of the GCC residents are considered upon arrival with the national IDs and passports. The non-GCC residents will need to check the visa needs of their native nation.

The following must be noted for GCC nationals:

•    The passport’s validity must be six months.
•    Only by utilizing the passport, the GCC nationals can get their visa on arrival.
•    It’s necessitous that the Dubai 90 days visa upon arrival should be consumed within 6 months from the initial entry.
•    The issued visa cannot be renewed.
Eligibility criteria of Dubai visa for newly married couples

If the name of the spouse is not endorsed on the passport:
•    A marriage certificate attested by UAE Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandatory for sponsoring a spouse.
•    The marriage certificate or notarized affidavit should be done on an Indian Rupees 100 stamp paper. The fast attestation services in Dubai can do the attestation of marriage affidavit certificate.
•    A newly married couple traveling instantly after getting married is needed to submit the NOC from their parents with wedding card, photo ID proof, and the couple’s marriage photograph.

What’s more?

When you are applying for an online Dubai visa, don’t forget to attach the scan copies of the first and last page of your passport and the photograph. Every scanned document must be less than 38kb and in JPEG format.

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