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To visit a land for which one does not have a birth right, need to seek the permission from the government of concerned country. This permit to enter in his country is known as visa. To visit the city of Dubai, there are different types of visa and among all types those who want to be here for a longer period must go for the 90 days visa.

The Dubai 90 days visa is usually for them who need to stay there for a longer term. In case of an applicant for this visa, one needs to submit basic documents with a lot of documents of host also. In this type of visa the applicant also need to submit the passport copy of the host who reside in Dubai. He also needs to provide the proof of the relationship between the applicant and host. The visa aspirants also have to provide the invitation copy and the work permit of the host from Dubai. He also has to submit a guarantee letter from the host side.

After the completion of all the formalities with visa office one can have the visa in 3 to 7 working days. Here the visitors can visit the host, stay for a family function such as wedding, and also seek a job or a business opportunity in the city. This visa for Dubai visit can be helpful to the visitor as well those who want to set some business here or go for a job deal.

For this visa one has to pay a visa fee of 21999 as per the prevailing rates however, the fees for the visa can be changed and hence while applying for the visa one has to take the latest fees into consideration and hence visit the site with updated information. This visa offers one enough time to be in the city and visit many areas that can open new gates for one’s career in business or job.

For the complete information about the visa and its process one can visit where all the relevant information is offered by the site. Usually it has all the latest information and offer perfect knowledge about the process for visa application. One can visit it and apply for a 90 days visa with great comfort.

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