Dubai Visa Requirement

Dubai Visa Requirement for Indian Citizen

Dubai is becoming one of the favorite cities for the job seekers and also for those who would want to invest their money in real estate. The city of Dubai is growing at a rapid phase. The real estate market in Dubai is on an increasing trend, and hence, there are many investors worldwide who wish to invest in this city.

It has become a great income generator country for many real estate professionals; the prime reason being that the city is very close to the developing and well-established countries like Germany and UK. The people come here for jobs because the salary offered to the expats is much higher, and moreover, it is tax-free. As compared to the other Middle East countries where the law is very conservative Dubai is much more open. One can enjoy the night clubs and bars; besides this one can also enjoy and many indoor activities.

In order to go to any country outside India, it is important to understand Dubai visa requirement – the same stands for Dubai also. There are many administrative formalities which have to be completed in order to reach Dubai for your dream career. There are different types of visas which one can apply for depending upon the requirement of the person.

Tourist visa – you can choose from the tourist visa which is generally given for 30 days – getting this visa will take 3-4 working days.

Express visa – this is a visa which most of the business men prefer – it can be obtained within 24-36 hours.

In addition to this, there is a 90 days Dubai visa

Requirements for Dubai visa:

The visa for Dubai is also called as the paper visa. The reason being as compared to other countries there are very less legal formalities for a visa for Dubai. The most important basic documents which are required for the visa are the scanned copy of the return tickets, thorough and clear scan copy of valid Indian passport; besides this, you would also require your scanned photograph which should be very clear.

The additional documents which are mandatory besides the above mentioned – you also need to provide the residential proof of your friends/relatives who are staying at present in Dubai. Another vital document is the invitation letter – you can ask your relatives or friends to send the invitation letter which mentions that you are invited to come to Dubai for official / personal purpose.

The visa can be applied online with the help of We offer you various services and support to get the visa with their knowledge. This is especially for those who are going to meet their friends and relatives or going for a business purpose. There is no work visa permitted for Dubai unless and until a company from Dubai is sponsoring you for the job. Under such situations, you need to have the appointment letter and invitation letter from the company in order to get the visa.

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