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Dubai Tourist Visa New Rules 2018–2019

Dubai, the most beloved city in the Emirates, has unmatched attributes to offer that not only wins over the little ones but also the adults who look for serenity during the holidays. If you are looking forward to commencing your tour to Dubai, you must know a few rules and regulations of the country. Do you feel that getting connected to a proficient tour company is enough? Rather, it is important to know the latest rules of the Dubai visa for Indians. We, at, have competent representatives who explore the rules of visa regularly to cut across the hassle on your part.

Altered Rules of Dubai Tourist Visa

Getting a visa demands a huge amount of fees, depending on the number of days you want to stay in the country. If you have chosen a tour package of 7 days with us, taking a 30-days valid visa is not worthy. Hence, Dubai tourist visa is available in 96 hours, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Though these tenures have been valid for a long time, the cabinet has taken a step ahead and changed certain rules. Along with the tourist visa, the rules of the resident visa are changed. The Prime Minister, Vice President, and Chair of the Cabinet His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have conjointly decided on a few changes in the transit as well as residence visa. The following are the changes to know about:

1. The residency system is revised that will allow a 2-year extension to the dependants of the parents after the studies of the university is over.
2. To add to your benefit, the cabinet has decided to waive off your entry fees for the first 48 hours, if you want to visit the country for transit. The cabinet expects to witness a bloated income from the tourism even during the summers due to the change.

3. If you are thinking to extend your stay in Dubai for 96 hours, it will cost you a minimum fee.

4. You can get the necessary visa from the various express counters present in the UAE airport at the passport control hall.

5. If you had to extend your stay in Dubai for the employment purpose, the government will allow you to leave the country without the stamp of ‘No Entry’ on the passport. In fact, if you agree to leave the country without voluntary departure, you will not have to pay the fines. If you agree to pay for the flight ticket, you will be allowed to exit the country without the stamp of No Entry.

6. The exemption of fines and visa transfer is allowed for a minimum fee.

7. In case of illegal entry to the country, you may leave the country with a No Entry stamp, valid for 2 years, provided you have the valid return ticket.

8. If you are looking forward to staying in the country for the employment purpose, a new 6-months visa is about to launch. This will also be valid if you have overstayed the tenure.

9. In case of the status change of the visa, you may enjoy the same without leaving and re-entering the country. This will simplify the processes related to the visa along with depleting the financial burden on you.

10. If you have dependents, who are aged 18 years or below, you won’t have to pay the Dubai tourist visa fees for them, provided you plan your tour between 15th July and 15th September every year. This is an off-season and the cabinet has taken this decision to boost the tourism during this period as well.

11. Apart from the transit visa, the cabinet has also launched many beneficial policies for the employed personnel in Dubai.

Summarizing the Core Benefits of the Altered Rules of Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai is a land of wonders that never ceases to amaze you with the mesmerizing scenic beauty and splendid architectures. Now, it is time for the cabinet to surprise you with the extraordinary alterations in the visa that will not only contribute to the ease of tourism but will also add to the benefits of the temporary residents.
It is now time to fulfill your dream of visiting Dubai without spending a fortune on the visa changes. Get connected to our team of to enjoy your trip to the land of charismatic surprises. We ensure to offer you the most cost-effective option so that you can focus on the tour and not worry about the expenses.

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