Dubai Tourist Visa price

Dubai Tourist Visa Charges from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Jaipur

Unlike the many beaches around the world, Dubai offers a charismatic experience that is clubbed with archeological excellence. It is a shopper’s paradise that will never cease to amaze you with the unmatched luxury and over the board hospitality. However, in order to access the splendid destination, it is important to get your hands on the Dubai 30 days visa, which is one of the best options to complete your tour at an affordable rate. Once you decide the destination, it is important to list the to-dos to avoid the last minute rush. Also, remember to keep the itinerary handy to refrain from missing the core destinations of attraction.

Tourist Visa Fees for a Dubai Trip from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Jaipur

Dubai is a land of sand and sea that is embellished by the splendid architectures and luxurious hotels. To feel the essence of Dubai, it is important you get connected to a proficient tour company that will not only take care of your demands but also the budget. The first step after booking the flight tickets is to apply for the visa. If you think that selecting the Dubai visa for Indians is an easy task, you are under a wrong notion as there are several types of visa, meant for diversified purposes. Let us have a look at the visa fees at a glance:

• Tourist visa and 14 days visa- INR 6000
• 96 hours visa- INR 4500
• 90 days Single entry visa- INR 21000
• 90 days multi-entry long-term visa- INR 39,300
• 30 days multi-entry short-term visa- INR 18,580
• Express tourist visa- INR 7,510
• Express 96 hours visa- INR 5,470
• Express 14 days visa- INR 7,510

In case of any cancellation, you will have to pay INR 3,220. The normal visa arrives in 5 working days while the express visa is released within 48 hours of the application. If you are ready with the relevant papers and fees, apply for the Dubai 30 days visa online to receive the same within a short span of time. However, if you are planning to spend an elaborate span of time in Dubai, you may opt for the 30 or 90 days visa with the option of multi-entry. This will allow you to stay in the country while traveling in and out without paying extra fees or going through the legal proceedings again.

Previously, acquiring the Dubai visa for Indians was not an easy task. In fact, you had to travel to New Delhi to apply and get the appropriate visa. However, with the elevating demands and booming digitization, you can apply for the visa from the comfort of your home. Search the internet apply for the visa to avoid any hassle. Mail the documents to the tour company and pay the specific amount to initiate the procedure immediately. Whether you are from Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, or Jaipur, the fees and procedure to acquire the visa is the same. Hence, your ease of traveling to Dubai elevates manifolds.

Summarizing the Discussion

Now, you can travel to Dubai regardless of your dwelling destination as the Dubai 30 days visa is easily accessible with similar fees. Have a word with your tour company to arrange the same for you or apply it online in a jiffy by filling in the form and providing the documents. Ensure to update the status of the flight ticket in ok to board 48 hours before commencing the journey so you can pack your bags in a peace of mind. Enjoy the land of wonders without any hassle and saving on our budget by selecting the appropriate visa.

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