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The city of Dubai attract a lot of people and hence there are numerous tourists visit this city every day. However for any foreign national it is mandatory to have the Dubai valid visa which is nothing but a permit to visit this beautiful city. Here the visitor can ask for a visa as per the categories offered by Dubai government and can check which category he wants to apply for. There basically two categories for the visa only. The first one is the 30 days single entry visa while the second category is 90 days single entry visa. For both the visa there are a bit similar process only. But due to the difference it is very important to check these both categories individually.Here is the list of required documents for Dubai visa, one needs to submit.

30 Days Single Entry Visa

This visa is valid for 30 days from the issuance of visa. One can be at Dubai in these 30 days but as it is single entry the visitor can be here once only and after one visit this visa are not considered as valid at all. To have this visa one has to submit a few of the personal as well as other documents.

Here one has to provide a scanned image of passport size in JPG or JPEG format. One also needs to provide the copies of first as well as last page of his current passport. These images also must be in JPG or JPEG format only. One has to attach the copy of the return ticket and if the hotel is booked the accommodation vouchers of the hotel also. However, in case there is any more Dubai Visa documents required the government may ask them also.

90 Days Single Entry Visa

In this category as the person is entitled to have more period the government also needs a bit more documents. Obviously the passport photograph as well as copy of the passport’s first and last page in JPG or JPEG format. One has to provide the copy of the return ticket as well as hotel accommodation voucher. In addition to these documents one has to submit the copy of invitation from host or the Guarantee letter from the host. Here one also needs to submit the copy of first and last page of host also. One also has to attach the resident permit copy of host and relationship proof between the host and the visitor. In case the government need any more document can also ask for the same.

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