Discussing Major Benefits of Availing Travel Insurance

Discussing Major Benefits of Availing Travel Insurance

Do you prefer securing your life? It is natural for you to secure your life not only to ensure a big amount of capital but also to avail a peace of mind. Have you ever thought of opting for travel insurance in exchange for a minimum amount of money? Probably not, like the most of the people planning to travel abroad. You fail to understand the importance of the travel insurance amidst the planning for the upcoming trip to Dubai. Along with buying a ticket and taking and Dubai visa online from us at OkToBoard, it is crucial to buy travel insurance. The foreign land invites unpleasant accidents and the body also becomes susceptible to various illnesses. On one hand, you don’t have a way out of the ordeal while on the other; you can prepare for the worst scenarios.

How to Prepare for the Uninvited Incidents

Travel insurance will never assure you to enjoy a trouble-free journey but will offer you a peace of mind. In other words, it is a consolation in the form of financial compensation, which can prove to be highly beneficial in various scenarios. Hence, it is inevitable to have the online Dubai visa and the travel insurance from us to cover your health comprehensively.

Benefits of Availing Travel Insurance

If you are in doubt regarding the benefits of travel insurance, you have arrived at the right stop. Let us discuss the benefits of availing travel insurance from us that will ensure to offer 100% financial assistance in case of any mishap:

•    Overseas medical emergency- 24-hours cover for the medical emergencies, funeral arrangement, ambulance, medical evacuation, and others.

•    Travel expense and accommodation- If you fall sick during the journey, travel insurance will arrange the costs associated with the accommodation and travel.

•    Overseas hospital cost-
If you have to stay back in Dubai due to an accident or illness, the insurance will cover your stay in a hospital along with the surgery charges.

•    An emergency of a family member- If a person, who is traveling with you, dies or encounters with an unfortunate accident, your unexpected traveling expense is covered.

•    Journey resumption- If you want to come back to your country sooner than the return ticket is scheduled to attend a funeral or stay in the hospital for an emergency, the ticket is covered under the insurance.

•    Traveling companion cover- If one of your family members or companions fails to accompany you in the tour due to an emergency medical situation, the insurance covers the unexpected travel and accommodation expenses.

•    Cash allowance from hospital- If you have to stay in a hospital overseas for more than 48 hours, an amount of money is handed over to you daily.

•    Accidental death- In case you die within 12 months of the travel due to an injury or accident encountered during the journey, a death reimbursement is offered.

•    Loss of income- If you are incapable to earn due to an accident during the trip, you are offered with loss of income for a certain period of time.

•    Permanent disability- The disability payment is made for at least 12 months after you return from Dubai if you lose your eyesight or one of your limbs during the travel.

•    Credit card fraud- The amount needed to issue a credit card is reimbursed to you in case of fraudulence or stealing concerns.

•    Luggage- If you lose your personal belongings and luggage during the trip, the insurance will offer you the reimbursement.

•    Personal liability- The legal liabilities are also covered that includes the damage or physical injury of a person caused due to you.

Summing Up
The aforementioned points clearly depict the importance and benefits associated with the travel insurance when you are traveling abroad. There are certain restrictions as well as exclusions in this mode of insurance like any other insurance policies. Therefore, it is crucial to go through the terms and conditions properly before opting for the same while booking the air tickets. In order to ensure a peace of mind while traveling to a foreign land, don’t forget the avail the travel insurance from us apart from the Dubai visa online to enjoy a peace of mind while traveling.

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