Dealing with the Lost Passport and Visa in Dubai

Dealing with the Lost Passport and Visa in Dubai

Holidays are the most enjoyable time for you and your family, regardless of the destination. However, the happiness enhances manifold when you are visiting Dubai. It is one of the most lavish cities of the world, with top-notch amenities. The best city in the Emirates never ceases to amaze you with its exemplary exhibition of the man-made island and splendid architectures. Dubai is synonymous with shopper’s paradise and rightfully serves the name. You can seamlessly avail the Dubai visa online for Indians, which not only ensure your safe stay in the country but also offer you with comprehensive security in the foreign land. What if you lose the passport and visa in Dubai? Will you have to encounter severe consequences for the same? Let us find out.

Losing the Passport & Visa in Dubai

Lost Passport and Visa in Dubai

Vacations are meant to relieve the stress of your daily life. However, the difficulty arises when you encounter an unexpected incident. Staying in a foreign country without any passport is unthinkable. Whether you have lost the documents due to lack of attention or theft, your identity will become vulnerable to theft, leading to legal obligations. However, you must get this straight that losing a passport and visa will subject you to unnecessary harassment but not to a nightmare. If you calm your senses and follow the legal procedures appropriately, getting a new set of passport and visa will not be a problem.

Cutting the Harassment of Identity Theft

Getting your hands on the online Dubai visa is a piece of cake before commencing your cross-border journey. It becomes easier if you get connected to a reliable vendor that deals with visa. However, the similar procedure becomes difficult if you want to acquire the same after reaching your destination. Though losing the visa and passport is a nerve-wracking incident, you must never lose your patience and cool. The first activity after the realization of the loss is to report the theft or misplace to the local authority. This will ensure your identity is not misused for any criminal or illegal activities.

Initial Procedures after the Loss of Passport and Visa in Dubai

Irrespective of the reason for the loss of the original documents, you must visit the nearest police station to fetch an instant assistance. The Dubai police will immediately connect to the Dubai Courts and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners. You will be given a form to fill that will demand the proper explanation of the incident that has led to the loss. However, the procedure, documents needed for submission, and the questionnaire will be different if you a tourist, gone on an official sponsorship, or a minor. You will also need to submit two copies of photographs along with the photocopy of the lost passport, if available.

Getting Thumbs Up from the Government

The report of the misplaced passport and visa is generated the next day of the incident. This document needs taking to the Dubai Court, GDRFA or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair, and Public Prosecution Department for the authorized signatory and stamp. Once you receive the three stamps from the respective departments, you will be able to take the document to the police station. The authorized official will then issue a certificate of lost passport in Arabic, which will ensure you get a strong evidence of the loss.

Application of the New Indian Passport

Once you get your hands on the report with the three stamps, you are eligible to apply for a new passport. However, the procedures are different for various embassies. Since you will seek from the India embassy, you will have to visit the IVS International or Indian Consulate Attestation Center in order to acquire a sworn affidavit. Apart from the heaps of paperwork, you must be prepared to pay for the fees of the lost passport and reissuing of a new one.

Stopping by the Most Reliable Visa Providing Vendor

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