5 most places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is a city though considered in the mid of desert but still it has achieved a position that is leading among the tourists destinations of world. There are lot of places where the tourists can move in and enjoy the visit. The skyscrapers and large malls as well as a number of Dubai tourist spots attract tourists from all over the world while a number of business opportunities here drive the entrepreneurs to be here and earn out of high potentials of this land.

BurjKhalifa: It is the building having the official designation of the tallest building on the earth. This 829.8 meter tall building has an observation desk on its 124th floor. One can view the whole city of Dubai from here and at the same time there is also a multi-media presentation arranged here that can help one get a floating and beautiful view of this mesmerizing city. Here the visitor can also enjoy the high speed movements of the lifts as well as beautiful view of city showering in different coloured lights at night. One can also enjoy the visit to the garden made around the building. The fountains here also surprise visitors as the city does not have that many high resources of water also.

Dubai Museum: This museum is a leading destination for visitors as it displays the achievement of the city over a period of time. Though the museum was built as a fort in 1787 to protect the creek and the royal family was also living here. The strong walls of this fort are made of coral-blocks and the ceiling is created with the use of mud and plaster. The museum cum fort was restores in 1971 and again in 1995. The beautiful entrance displays the expansion of the city with the development of economy after the boom due to oil sector.

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House: Sheikhs Saeed Al-Maktoum was ruling this city from 1921 to 1958. He is also the grandfather of the present ruler. The house of this great ruler is now turned into a museum. It is built as per Arabian structure and designed in such a way that the movement of the ships in the sea can also be easily viewed from the balconies.

Dubai Creek: This creek has played a vital role in the development of city as due to it only the past settlers came here and settled. It divides the city into two parts as Deira and Bur Dubai. It gives a better idea about sailors and their lives.

Heritage and Diving Village: This village perfectly display the development of Dhow with dhow building as well as pearl diving. Here one can also see a lot of things in different stalls offered by the local artisans.

To be at this city one needs to have Dubai Visa which can be applied for online also. There are various categories of Dubai tourist visas and one can get the visa online also. One can check the process with onlinedubaivisa.com who are expert in this area and can help one get the visa easily.There are lot of tourists move to these areas to know about this beautiful city and see the spots that are much popular across the globe.

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